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25th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition


February 1-March 1

First Award- Bill Brennen for “All in a Row”
Second Award- Susan Grimshaw for “Our New Friends”
Third Award- Leo Adams for “Yakima Chinoiserie”
Louisa G. Siverson Memorial Award- R.E. Beans for “Hot Rod Jacket”
C.M. Hotlzinger Purchase Award- Bill Brennen for “All in a Row”
Allied Arts Council Purchase Award- R.E. Beans for “The Yakima Kid”
Larson Gallery Director’s Award- Jean Hauge for “Front Street”
Honorable Mentions:
Kirk Dietrich for “Untitled”
Maria De La Luz Segura for “Aztec Calendar”
Crafts Section
First Award & Snow Mountain Crafts Award- Marty Lovins for “In the Name of Nations”, “Uncomplicated Moment”, “Commemorative to Mt. St. Helens, Alias Helen You Bitch”, and “Dots”
Second Award- Stacy Hamm for “The Fisherman”
Third Award- Charlie King for “Muther Load”
Fleece and Fiber Award- Robin Moriarty for “Mt. St. Helens”
YVCC President’s Award- Rick Shorten for “Ain’t No Free Lunch”
Honorable Mention:
Jay Sims for “Nature Study”