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Exhibitions 2018-2019

Larson Gallery Best of Show Award- Skip Smith & John Holmgren, Ellensburg, WA, for “Untitled #1, #2, #3”

Larson Gallery Guild Purchase Award- Loren Nelson, Beaverton, OR, for “Tangled Fishing Line”

Puterbaugh General Construction Purchase Award- Ellen Bergeron, San Francisco, CA, for “Gaudi”

Georgia Irene Moore McKay Award- Misty Cervantes, Los Angeles, CA, for “Family Ties 1&2”

Robert G. Villbrandt, C.P.A. Purchase Award- Rob Prout, Yakima, WA, for “Basalt and Grass”

Jeffrey Reynolds Award for Superb Craftsmanship in B&W Photography- Danielle Meyers, Seattle, WA, for “Transitions I, II, & III”

Yakima Theaters, Inc. Award for the Most Dramatic Photograph- Jeffrey Reynolds, Yakima, WA, for “Life & Death”

Robert H. Schiltz Award- Ronald Rigge, Pleasanton, CA, for “Colonel Allensworth St. Park”

YVCC Associated Student Body Purchase Award- Victor Yan, Yakima, WA, for “Life Within a Life”

Grant’s Brewery Pub Purchase Award- Phil Crane, Yakima, WA, for “Untitled”

Idea Marketing, Inc. Purchase Award- Jeffrey Reynolds, Yakima, WA, for “Snag; Yakima County”

Excel Fruit Brokerage, Inc. Purchase Award- Crissy Welzen, Oakland, CA, for “Here and There”

Ken Whitmire Portrait Award- Brad Phalin, Marblehead, OH, for “Barn Painter”

Warninger Chiropractic Clinic Award for Excellence- Becky Frehse, Tacoma, WA, for “Honey, There’s Soup in the Fridge”

Stuart W. Hayes Memorial Award for Excellence in B&W Composition- David Johnson, Seattle, WA, for “Another One Bites the Dust”

Family Chiropractic Centre Award- Jeffrey Baker, Beaverton, OR, for “Gyer”

Gary A. Delp & Associates Award Gift Certificate- Jim Fountain, Wenatchee, WA, for “One Way”

Photo Haus Stores Gift Certificate- Skip Smith, Ellensburg, WA, for “Willows” and “Whidbey Island Forest”

Honorable Mentions:

Kristin Satzman, San Francisco, CA, for “Untitled”

Kathy Mueller, Kenmore, WA, for “Untitled”

Katana Tripplett, Selah, WA, for “Lean on Me”

Bill Saltzstein, Woodenville, WA, for “Exit Glacier Zen”

Jenny Hays, Selah, WA, for “Mother’s Milk”

Linda Acevedo, Yakima, WA, for “Timeless”

Margaret Zydek, Bellevue, WA, for “Bullfighter #10”

Aline Smithson, Los Angeles, CA, for “Good Doggy”