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Darcie Roberts

Darcie Roberts
[email protected]

Born and raised in Central Washington, I have developed an appreciation for the beauty of the shrub-steppe and the agricultural landscape around me. I have lived in four countries and both coasts of the United States but am forever spellbound by the beauty of our local landscape. It has been very rewarding to share the beauty of our area with others.  

I started to take art seriously in 2016 when I picked up soft pastel. I have devoted more time to developing my skill with pastel and finding myself as an artist. I see color and light everywhere. The play of light and shadow are what draw me to a scene, and I have almost a visceral reaction. I hope to bring this feeling to the canvas. The process of creating art is a mediation that takes me to another place.

Lastly, I feel that art is an important part of the fabric of society. I want to support other artists and encourage people to find an artistic voice. I have been fortunate to be involved with our local arts community and donate my work to various organizations as a way to give back to our greater community.