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DoVA: Student & Faculty Exhibition 2023

Best of Show
Just Another Victim Blamed
Amy Matson

Janice Buckler Memorial Award
Femme Catharsis
Liliana Morales

Clay Sale Award
Coral Blues
Ruby Leyva

American Federation of Teachers Photo Award
Gabriela Rios

American Federation of Teachers Painting Award
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Serenity Lopez

Technical Drawing Award
Buddy the Cat
Victoria Joy Waller

Drawing Award
Samuel Tomerlin

Photography Award
Alexis De Lano

YVC Bookstore Award
Cherry Festival
Mary Campos

YVC Bookstore Award
Do For Love – Tupac Shakur
Jaina Fielding

Jane Stockwell Award of Excellence
Ryann Elizabeth Fridley

Printmaking Award
Cristian Sandoval

Registrar’s Award
Strange World
Abbey Lopez Padilla

Director’s Award
Nesting Dish
Amy Matson

Innovation Award
Dean Yockey

ASYVC Second Prize
Adrian Hernandez

Honorable Mention
Strange World
Christopher Alaniz

Honorable Mention
Details of Ocean Life
Taylor Fox

Honorable Mention
Tea Set
Carmen Nelson

ASYVC First Prize
Oliver’s Momma
Angie Waddle

Honorable Mention
Conifer’s Child
Marie Copeland

ASYVC Third Prize
Owls Nesting Set
Liliana Morales

Spirit Award
La Mexicana
Tiaré Mendoza

Body of Work
Steven Lindsay