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James Blackburn Craig

James Blackburn Craig
[email protected]
(509) 308-4440

As an artist, I have been very much inspired by the desert environment of eastern Washington. The land fed by river systems brings life to a place once scrapped and carved by glaciers, and altered by the great Missoula flood waters eons ago. These mega-geological activities combined with the land patterns of agricultural, and other human endeavors have been my motivation to create.

I have been working with paper fiber combined with the addition of binders to create sculptural bas-relief wall pieces. I have developed a three-part process of creating bas-relief work.

Process One: I work the fiber material in its semi-dry state onto a plywood sub-structure, building up textural relief forms on the wood surface.

Process Two: Once the material is thoroughly dry, and hardened the fiber lends itself to being worked with the traditional sculptural tools of Italian rasps, and carving tools.

Process Three: The final process is the use of a color medium.