Gabriel Herrera

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Gabriel Herrera’s artistic abilities were honed under trying circumstances. He started drawing as a means to escape conditional depression. A pen and paper presented the only window of opportunity where tangible beauty could potentially be conceived, because where Gabriel lived windows didn’t exist, neither did beauty. 

His medium (a ballpoint pen and the ink it encompasses), is as he puts it, “unforgiving.” Gabriel, however, has cultivated his own unorthodox approach to shading, leaving him with a tailored style all of his own.

This is an artist that has defied all odds, an artist without credentials, an artist the world doesn’t yet know about, but, an artist with a multifaceted message.

Now the founder of a small business called, Tailored Ink, what Gabriel wishes to accomplish next is validity from the collectors of fine art as he actively takes ballpoint pen drawings through unchartered waters.

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Art scan by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduciton, LLC

Art scan by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduciton, LLC

Scanned by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC.