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Victor Koch

[email protected]

I was raised in the fruit farming region in North Wapato. At a very early age, I developed a love for art, which eventually led to my attending CWU in the late 80’s on the G.I. Bill for the study of Fine Arts. During my time at Central, under instructors Chris Papadopoulos and Richard Fairbanks, the ceramic sculptures I created received awards in the Larson Gallery’s Central Washington Artists‘ Shows.

My love of nature together with my love of sculpture led me to working with area river rock, combining their natural sculpted shapes to create my sculptures. This period culminated in my marriage and a move to Michigan. I would be making sculptures there and later in Texas and Florida for the next 30 years before retirement and my return to the Valley and its river rock. Now I spend winters in Florida and the rest of the time in Yakima.