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Who’s Minding the Gallery?: Polly Speidel

Polly Speidel


Pauline (Polly) Speidel was born in Yakima and Graduated from Yakima High School in 1924 and Washington State College in 1928. She and her husband, Harry C. Speidel, ranched in Lower Naches from 1948 until 1964. 

Mrs. Speidel was a well-established artist in Yakima, displaying her art at various shows in and around the Yakima Valley. Polly was not only an amazing artist, she also taught art at various schools around the Yakima Valley and was also an art instructor for the Yakima Valley College. 

Polly’s art can still be found all over the Yakima area, as well as on the big screen, as she was the artist behind the backdrops for the movie “The Hanging Tree” staring Gary Cooper and Maria Schell, filmed in the Nile Valley, here in Washington State in 1957-1958.   

Polly Speidel passed away on September 29, 1988.