Yakima Light Project

Origin THE ORIGIN OF LIGHT In 2007 several Yakima arts advocates recognized a shared desire to expand visual art in Yakima's Downtown area. Since that time, the group has grown into a consortium of art professionals, patrons, and enthusiasts. As more people become involved, the vision grew. Today this group is unified under the theme of LIGHT —Yakima's most prominent and recognized natural feature Slide IMAGINE a city with public art based on innovative uses of light—reflection and shadow natural light altered by lens and prisms, solar-powered sculpture triggered by sound and motion, whimsical creations alive with movement, sculpture that glows from within, new and old works in neon, artwork that is transformed by the movement ofthe sun and the changing seasons. Slide IMAGINE downtown businesses with unique advertising signs light-based art, or illuminated façades shining out to the street Slide IMAGINE a central monument as the focus of LIGHT An unforgettable symbol of our community Slide IMAGINE A gathering place with historic neon, an art gallery and flexible spaces for music and art education. There will be places to sit and relax, eat and drink and engage with local art, cultural sites, and events at an interactive hub. Filled with light, color, and energy, the space will be a dynamic marriage of exhibits and entertainment. Slide IMAGINE YAKIMA as the premier destination to experience the wonders of LIGHT. Slide LIGHT WILL FOCUS ON * Encouraging the use of light in downtown, such as dramatic lighting of buildings. * Working with business owners and the City of Yakima to plan the use of light in signage and building development. Slide LIGHT WILL FOCUS ON * Supporting the installation of public art using light. Slide LIGHT WILL FOCUS ON * Pooling Yakima’s talent, expertise, resources and energy to support the city’s downtown development. * Providing an opportunity for the community to participate in, and benefit from, the renaissance of downtown Yakima. Slide LIGHT WILL FOCUS ON * Celebrating light with events and festivals. * Making Yakima a premier tourist destination, known for its light. Slide LIGHT OF DAY Refraction Slide LIGHT OF DAY Translucence Slide LIGHT OF DAY Shadow Slide LIGHT OF DAY Reflection Slide LIGHT OF NIGHT Dramatic architectural lighting Slide LIGHT OF NIGHT Public Art Slide LIGHT OF NIGHT Color Slide LIGHT OF NIGHT Neon Slide LIGHT: * Revitalizes the local economy * Improves the quality of life for all citizens * Encourages creative thinking * Expands people’s awareness of the world around them * Helps to create community identity and provide a sense of place Slide LIGHT: * Animates public spaces * Rejuvenates streetscapes * Provides a visual platform for social and visual engagement * Tells a story of who we are and where we are going Slide GET INVOLVED When you connect with LIGHT, you are helping to develop the arts on a community-wide scale. Whether you are donating time, funds, or considering how light will interact with your business or home environment, every contribution brightens the vision of LIGHT.