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Brooke Capetillo

[email protected]

Shix pachway, Hola and Hello.
My name Is Brooke Capetillo, Qupul: Yakama name.
I am a mixed person of color, mother and Heritage University Alumna. Environmental Studies degree, Class of 2020.

I am a self-taught artist, I have been creating art since a very early age. I have always pushed myself to improve no matter what. I enjoy expanding my craft because we never truly stop learning.

A vast majority of my inspiration thrives from the intricate beauty of nature. We as a society, become too focused on our daily lives. We forget mother nature is surrounding us, trying to heal our souls.

I want to create art that reminds others to slow down and smell the flowers. To take the time to look under a log or stop and listen to a river here and there.

My goal is to create art for others to enjoy.