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Cheryl Renee Long

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Cheryl Renee Long was born in Ventura, California. She lived in Wenatchee, Washington throughout her teen years where she started to paint seriously by age 12. She married, had one daughter and her career was in the paper industry. She left an 18-year career in corporate sales to pursue art professionally. This change was prompted by a breast cancer diagnosis when she reconsidered her life priorities. Today as a two- time breast cancer survivor she feels urgency and commitment to help our planet and the human condition.

Her colorist and painterly style is informed by the poets/writers in her life. Her subjects include birds, florals and wild/sacred landscapes. Watercolor is her choice of medium because pigment moving with water feels geologic, capturing earth, water, wind, and light.

Her inspiration comes from a daily spiritual practice called Attunement. Her paintings express her sense of wonder and the concern she feels for nature, animals and for human life. 

As an artist/educator, Cheryl teaches watercolor and she offers public speaking and watercolor demonstrations. Long’s Snowy Owl was selected for the poster for the Puget Sound Bird Festival. Her painting Body Mind Continuum was featured on the cover of the national magazine Community. She has exhibited extensively in Washington State. 

Long attended Washington State University as a fine arts major, and she graduated from the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle. She holds a BS in Human Services from the University of Phoenix. 

Cheryl Long relocated from Seattle in 2021 and now lives and works from her home studio in Ellensburg, Washington with her husband Thomas Long.
Long’s one artist show, The Southwest, is currently showing at the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, WA

Her paintings and prints are in private collections in the US and Canada.