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Exhibitions 1953-1954

September 1953
Dean Spuler & James S Rayne
Photographers of Yakima Morning Herald & Yakima Daily Republic
Lithographs by C. W. Anderson of New York City

October 18 – November 1
Percy Manser
28 Paintings

Stamp Collectors
also A Philometric Directory of Yakima
Postal meters owned by Mr. & Mrs. Fred E Carver

December 6 – 21
Lower Valley Art Exhibit
Sunnyside Art Club, Prosser Art Society, and others
also Wooden Replicas of Vehicles by Ernest Fiske

January 1954
CWCE (Central Washington College of Education)
Students of Sara Spurgeon

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Irwin, paintings
also Indian baskets collection of Mrs. C.A. Jones

February 28 – March
Les Femmes Water Colors

Indian Urn collection of Dr. & Mrs. C.A. Jones

Yakima Camera Club

April 25 – May 16
Northwest Women Artists

May – Jun 13
McWhorter Collection of early coins
Larson family collection of Yakima Photographs

On September 20, 1953, the Larson Gallery & Museum opened for the season with photographs by Dean Spuler and James S. Rane, both photographers for the Yakima Morning Herald and the Yakima Daily Republic.  Also showing was a display by C.W. Anderson of New York City, a brother of Arnold O. Anderson, marketing director for the Yakima Daily Republic.

Percy Manser, of Hood River, Oregon, returned to the gallery with a show that ran from October 18 until November 1. Although Manser has exhibited at the Larson for four consecutive years, the 28 oil paintings in this exhibit have not been seen before in Yakima.

On November 15, what was cited as “art in miniature” by the Yakima Morning Herald, an exhibit of album pages from local collectors went on display.  Stamps were divided by subjects such as insects, radios on stamps, and airplanes. In addition, postal meters from a collection by Mr. & Mrs Fred E. Carver, were also added in an exhibit titled A Philometric Directory of Yakima.

A Lower Yakima Valley exhibit ran from December 6-21 with artists from Sunnyside art clubs, the Prosser Art Society, and individuals from Outlook and Grandview.  In addition wooden replicas of early transportation vehicles created by Ernest Fisk were also on display.

Oil paintings representing the work of student of Sara Spurgeon, Associate Professor of Art at Central Washington College of Education began the year 1954.  June McFee, art instroctor at Yakima Valley Junior College said “the exhibit is one of the most stimulating and creative to be in the gallery in a long time.”

On February 7, another exhibit by husband and wife team, Jack and Fay Irwin (also known as Mr. & Mrs Carlo Padulo de Ballisco), opened at the gallery.  As residents of Everett, Washington, most of the scenes are of setting near where they live.   In the gallery cases were a collection of Native American baskets owned by Mrs. C. A. Jones.

Watercolors went on exhibit on February 28.  Many of the works were part of Les Femmes Ten, women artists organized by Henriette English Woessner, co-director of the Woesser Gallery.  The Woessner Gallery had opened June 21, 1953 on Alki in Seattle. 

Native American urns and cooking utensils from the collection of Dr. & Mrs. C.A. Jones opened on March 14, 1954.  The Jones, who lived in Wapato, had been collection for 22 years.  Artifacts from the collection came from places such as Missouri, Texas, and Mexico City. 

On April 11, the Yakima Camera Club put on an exhibition at the Larson Gallery.  J. Brame, president of the club, was one of many showing his photographs.

Northwest Women Artists were next to exhibit on April 25.  The artworks are the result of the National League of Pen Women of American and Olive Bristol, who collected the group of paintings.  This would mark the fifth year that Bristol would be showing at the Larson Gallery.

On June 13, 1954, the gallery closed for the summer.  On the last day, visitors were treated to the McWhorter collection of early coins and the Larson family’s collection of Yakima Photographs.  Drawings, sketches, and paintings of horses by C.W. Anderson were also on display in the cases.