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Jaheda Shirzad

[email protected]

I started painting as a teenager.  My interest began in middle school.  The art teacher was well known for his work.  But beyond that, he was an amazing teacher whose greatest talent was inspiring his students.  His encouragement still rings in my ears whenever I pick up a paint brush.

Life has blessed me with many opportunities, but life has also limited my opportunities to follow my passions.  Simply put, life is complicated and busy.  But now, as I’ve found more free time at this stage of my life, I’ve been able to give more attention to my painting.  I’m enjoying it so much that sometimes painting gets too much of my attention!

My interest is abstract painting.  I prefer to use acrylic, I also interest in mixed media. I get my inspiration from my other interests, including outdoor activities, photography, and watching the beauty of sunrise in the mornings.