26th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition

February 7-28
26th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition

Best of Show- Duane Heilman for “Joe”
First Award- Steven Crist for “Wood and Glass Table”
Second Award- Sarah Watson for “Recurrence of the Geese”
Third Award- Margaret Carpenter for “Shadows of Change”
Holtzinger Purchase Award- Stephen Tse for “Winter Night”
Kokenge Purchase Award- Cathryn E. Tanasee for “Untitled”
Allied Arts Warehouse Gallery Purchase Award- Betty Raymer for “Split Weave”
Fleece and Fiber Award- Denise Maxwell for “2”
Louisa Siverson Memorial Award- Elizabeth Cameron Otto for “Girl with Red Hat”
YVCC President’s Award- Gwenn Knight for “Sea Spiral”
Larson Gallery Director’s Award- R. Freeman Evans for “Winter Lit Window View”