26th Photo Show

April 5 – May 5, 1998

26th ANNUAL PHOTO EXHIBITION is juried by nationally-known photographers and is open to all residents of the USA. This exhibition has grown steadily and artists from many states create a strong and challenging show.

Larson Gallery Best of Show Award- Samantha Gordon, Prescott, AZ, for “Forever Fading”

Robert G. Villbrandt, C.P.A. Purchase Award- Dorothy Warren, Yakima, WA, for “Window” and “Bridge”

Larson Gallery Guild Purchase Award- Gal Waldman, Spokane, WA, for “Mike”

Yakima Federal Savings Purchase Award- Jahnavi Ananda, Seattle, WA, for “Pinnacles”

Puterbaugh General Construction Purchase Award- Julie Prather, Ellensburg, WA, “Eastern Wash. Series #13”

Jeffrey Reynolds Award for Superb Craftsmanship in B/W Photography- Scott Bourne, Gig Harbor, WA, “Paradise Falls”

Yakima Theaters, Inc. Award for the Most Dramatic Photograph- Aline Smithson, Los Angeles, CA, for “In The Middle”

YVCC Associated Student Body Purchase Award- Fabian Garcilazo, Yakima, WA, for “Sisters”

Grant’s Brewery Pub Purchase Award- Kathleen LaFetra, Yakima, WA, for “Ashghabat”

Schultz Furniture, Inc. Award- David Bartlett, Morehead, KY, for “Poppin Rock, KY; Rushes & Willows”

Gary A. Delp & Associates Award Gift Certificate- Frank J. Rosenstein, Seattle, WA, for “Scenes from the Co-Op”

Whitmire & Wolfe Portrait Award- Serene Smith, Settle, WA, for “Self=Portrait”

Warninger Chiropractic Clinic Award for Excellence- K.R. Levin, N. Hollywood, CA, for “Shark”

Stuart W. Hayes Memorial Award for Excellence in B/W Composition- David Stroup, Santa Maria, CA, for “Orbits of the Soul #5”

Honorable Mentions:

Jim Fountain, Wenatchee, WA, for “Deconstructed Bridge”

Christopher Flinchpaugh, Columbia, MO, for “Memorial-From Donald O’Brien’s Snapshots #2”

Beryl Howard, Ellensburg, WA, for “Portals”

Abby DeSteese, Kennewick, WA, for “Nature’s Art”