28th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibitions

February 5-26

Best of Show- Dick Elliott for “A Dance of Life”
First Award- Louise Williams for “Triptych: Altarpiece”
Second Award- Becky Frehse for “Any Moment”
Third Award- Robert M. Gutierrez for “…drop the Bomb?”
Brian Holtzinger Purchase Award- Marcia Van Doren for “Out of Darkness”
Kokenge Purchase Award- Dick Elliott for “A Dancer”
Larson Gallery Guild Ceramics Award- Charles Stevens for “Bottle”
Louisa Siverson Memorial Award- Nancy M. Messner for “The Lace Hat”
YVCC President’s Award- Marty Lovins for “Residue”
YVCC Liberal Arts Award- Russell McDaniel for “Dark Landscape”
Larson Gallery Guild Purchase Award- Danna Dal Porto for “Between a Rock and a Hard Spot”
Pioneer Bank Award- Stephen Tse for “Black Space”