29th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition

February 3-28

Dorothy M. Prior Best of Show Award- Louise Williams for “Three Stages”
First Award- Frank Damiano for “Figure With Objects”
Second Award- Garth A. Amundson for “Men From the Boys”
Third Award- Morse Clary for “Magic Window Series: Easel”
Holtzinger Purchase Award- Kathryn Kaye for “Oregon Coast”
Harold E. Tayer Memorial Award- Ron McGaughey for “Ribbon Cliff”
Allied Arts Award- Joan Simmons for “A Year in Japan”
Larson Gallery Guild Ceramics Award- Pat Chaffeur for “Untitled”
Louisa Siverson Memorial Award- Sue Grimshaw for “Life Preservation”
Pioneer National Bank Award- Becky Frehse for “Where the Hell is Benton City?”
Sam Cox Memorial Award- Ann Bowker for “SPO-OH (faded)”
YVCC President’s Award- Joann Rushton for “Untitled”