42nd CWAE

January 25 – March 1, 1998

42nd ANNUAL CENTRAL WASHINGTON ARTISTS EXHIBITION features work created within the last two years by artists living in this region. With over $4,500 in prize money, the juried competition is tough but the results are wonderful. A show not to miss!

Dorothy M. Prior Best of Show Award- Tom McClelland for “Fencepost”

Larson Gallery guild Purchase Award- Marian Moore for “Dogwood”

Baechler Purchase Award- Delma Tayer for “Images of the Orient”

Argus Insurance, Inc. Purchase Award- Dorothy Selzler for “Fish Bowl”

Argus Insurance, Inc. Purchase Award- Betty England for “In the Light”

Dr. & Mrs. K.F. Aboulhosn Award- Howard Barlow for “Adam & Eve”

Inland Fruit Award of Excellence- W. Chris Beards for “Inherent”

Mary H. & Joseph G. Picatti Memorial Award- Darwin Davis for “Retirement”

Oak Hollow Gallery Purchase Award for Jewelry- Judy Jennings for “Bite Me”

Lloyd Garretson Company Award- Leo Simone for “Creatures from the Deep”

Felicia Melero Holtzinger Award for Best Use of Fabrics- Dian Kokenge for “Breakfast at Prosser”

Allied Arts Award- Marty Lovins for “Untitled”

Chairman’s Choice Award- Louis Kollmeyer for “Mountain Sheep Procession (Prehistoric Petroglyph)”

Director’s Choice Award- Carolyn Nelson for “Interior Rhythms”

Harold E. Tayer Memorial Award- Lisa Mack for “Full Circle”

Gasperetti Award- Bill Brennen for “Enchanted Dream”

Gladys & Vic Persson Memorial Award for Watercolor- Rex R. Deloney for “Botswana Brothers”

Chott Framing Gallery Award- Barbara Smith Gilbert for “Sacred Being”

Award for Originality in Metal Sculpture- Seth D’Ambrosia for “Father-Tower”

The Baha’i Faith Award for Race Unity- Elizabeth Atlee Brooks for “Marble Shooters”

Excellence in Drawing Award- Takako Yamazaki for “Untitled”

Lorene Samuelson Memorial Award- Cheryl Clark for “Sofa Loafin”

Honorable Mentions:

Don Brontsema for “Four Eager Furies”

Robert Dohrmann for “Lost Wax Memory”

Seth D’Ambrosia for “Hubert & Eustace Conversing in the 21st Century”