54th Annual Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition

2009 Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition Juror’s Statement

When Cheryl Hahn called and invited me to jury the artists’ entries for CWAE 2009, I accepted the offer without hesitation. As a gallery curator and art consultant I welcomed the opportunity to view many images of artworks from artists who are new to me! I was especially eager and interested as I am not very familiar with artists from Central Washington. My first curiosity was if the works would portray a sense of place, light or color and what mediums would be prevalent? Secondly, I looked forward to being introduced to professional and high quality works of which I should be aware.

As I viewed these images I was pleased to see the diversity in concept and media. The presence of so many sculptural forms from clay works, to mixed media jewelry, stone, metal, and glass was exciting to see and led me to wonder what inspired such a presence of three dimensional works here. Is it the vast and varied landscape and closer connection to the earth? Some of the clay pieces in particular seemed to reference place in their warm, earthy colors, and yet stirred memories in me of the Japanese potters I worked with in Hawaii. This discovery gave me a wonderful sense of connection between artists’ in another part of the world.

It was interesting to note that very little drawing was represented here. Perhaps painting and other media better facilitate artists to more powerfully represent their feelings and ideas about place. It is always a pleasantly challenging task to create an exhibit from such a large group of entries. Selecting from digital images can be a bit uncertain regarding quality and color. For the most part, photos were quite well done but I would like to stress how important it is to have works professionally photographed when it is being juried in this manner.

In closing, may I say that I believe artists are very brave individuals, who are more willing than most of us to place their ideas, emotions and level of talent whether just forming or already accomplished, in front of jurors and the public to be judged and commented upon. I wish to thank all of you who participated in this process and congratulate those whose works have been selected and awarded for this annual exhibit.

Patricia Cameron, Director,
Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, WA October, 2009