66th Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition

President’s Award: Moonrise Yakima Ridge by Stephen Stokesberry
Director’s Choice Award: Wile E by Justin Gibbens
Larson Gallery Guild Purchase Award: And Just On the Threshold of Eternity, I Danced by Deborah Watkins
“It Can Hang on My Wall Any Day” Award: Baba Yaga’s House by Tabitha Swain
Karen Raine Memorial Award: My Evening View by Michelle Fortier
Boxx Gallery Award: Water Wheel by Christine Carter
Harold E. Tayer Memorial Award: Kathmandu by Carol and Evans Fletcher
Heritage University Award: Horsetail Fortified by Renee Adams
Bernice Kinsey Memorial Award: Misappropriating Mythology: Vedusa by Crista Ames
Lillian & Muriel Adams Memorial Award: Benign Inequality by Rachel Smith
Jeffrey Schaap & Gilbert Young Award: Scream Bulbs by Rachel Dorn
Best of Show: Carnival by Alex Roeder
Baha’i Faith Award Old Glory by Kate Bowditch
Yakima Enological Society Award: Natural Intertwined by Yu-Heng Dade, Kathmandu by Carol and Evans Fletcher

Honorable Mentions: Mother of Eve by Kristi Donahue, Zebra by Deborah Ann, Wood Block Stool by Mike Hiler, Fat Man by Judith Loomis, Moon Dance by Michelle Wyles