DoVA (Department of Visual Arts) 2010

May 17 – June 9, 2010
DoVA (Department of Visual Arts) –
Presenting student and faculty work.

Welcome to the annual Department of Visual Arts student and faculty exhibit. This exhibit has been a fixture in the Larson Gallery for more than 40 years, overseen and coordinated by the Larson Gallery staff. We thank them for giving our students a professional venue in which to display their work, and for their tireless installation of this work. Thank you, especially, to Cheryl Hahn, Larson Gallery director, for agreeing to select the award recipients.

The pieces you see displayed were completed between Spring quarter 2009 and Winter quarter 2010; this quarter’s work will appear in next year’s exhibit. Instructors may request specific work from their students, or a selection process involving an entire class might be used. Instructors then select the work for exhibition based on quality, craftsmanship and statement.

The students who made this work have learned to see art in a different way, learned to use art as a tool to understand their world, and visually communicate their interests to others. We applaud their progress and achievements.

Thank you …

  • to the award sponsors for their encouragement and the validation their awards represent;
  • to the ASYVCC for their continued support of the student art that graces the walls of the Hopf Union Building;
  • to the 149 student-artists for allowing DoVA to display your work;
  • and, to the public for visiting this exhibit. We hope you find the work interesting, thoughtful, and intriguing.

The YVCC Department of Visual Arts faculty